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and how we live it every day in our company

Hand with people as an illustration for the visual representation of corporate value Responsibility


We have a responsibility towards our customers, our employees, the environment, the region and the future. We are happy to assume this responsibility and try to shape and promote our environment in the best possible way. Sustainable, long-term, decent with substance.


We trust in our employees, in open and honest dealings with customers, suppliers and all those we encounter on a daily basis. We trust in our products, in our know-how, in our team members and in our company, which encourages, challenges and supports us in the long term - in all areas.

Man with blindfold as an illustration for the visual representation of the corporate value of trust
Light bulb as an illustration of the corporate value of sustainability


We always invest and make our decisions sustainably. Be it through structural measures, machine designs, avoiding waste or optimizing our daily work. Our focus is not just on the moment, but on the entire system and company. Our footprint is important to us - because it is here to stay.


We maintain an open and cordial relationship with all people and fellow human beings. We are open to suggestions, ideas and also to critical words and opinions. Only an open and honest attitude will bring us long-term success and not block the future. Our world is changing faster and faster. "Being open to something new" therefore takes on a whole new meaning.

Ear as an illustration for the visual representation of the company value Openness
Magnifying glass as an illustration of the company value Transparency


Transparency and traceability in decisions, investments and our daily actions are very important to us. Transparent communication with all those involved facilitates the process and avoids discussions. With customers, suppliers, employees and especially within the team.


Respect for all fellow human beings, participants and team members is the be-all and end-all of equality for us. Only by treating everyone with respect can we create sustainable success, a good climate, an environment of trust and honesty. Respect and decency towards the individual is an absolute must in our company.

4 Arms that hold up as an illustration of the company's value Respect
Scales as an illustration of the company value Openness


For us, EVERYONE counts the same. We make no distinction. We don't just write it, we live it. Whether young or old. Whether male, female or diverse. We evaluate and judge people based on their performance, their work, their impact. Inside and outside the company. Worldwide.


We live innovation. We love innovation. Only through constant optimization and further development can we continuously improve.
Incremental innovations in the process, in production and innovations in products are an essential part of our DNA and ensure sustainable success.

Rocket as an illustration for the visual representation of corporate value innovation