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at home in numerous industries

Automotive production hall


In the automotive industry, many of our dry disconnect couplings are used in test bench applications. They are mainly used for the drip-free separation of coolant.

Our products are used indirectly in the pipe and hose sector by suppliers to the automotive industry. As vehicle components are increasingly made of plastic materials, this market is enjoying increasing growth worldwide.


For the plastics processing industry, we supply system components in the pipe and hose sector worldwide - e.g. pipe bends, hoses, pipe couplings, coupling stations, hose couplings, suction lances, magnetic separators and material containers - mostly from stock or with very short delivery times.

Our focus here is on a fair price-performance ratio, even for small purchase quantities.

Stacked colorful plastic trays
Woman with blue gloves in a medical laboratory


Many of our laser-welded pipe fittings or pipe bends are used in medical technology. Special requests or customer-specific special components are our standard here.

The plastics processing industry is also increasingly affecting the medical sector. Whether packaging, utensils or bags, all of these products are made from plastics. Certain requirements for the purity and cleanliness of our products are therefore extremely important.

Animal feed

Completely piped systems are increasingly being used to convey animal feed in automated feeding or filling systems. Our stainless steel pipe bends and pipe connectors are produced in a wide range of dimensions and qualities to prevent chemical reactions, even under demanding conditions.

In addition to standard products made from 1.4301, higher-quality stainless steel (1.4404 / 1.4571) can therefore also be processed - even in small batch sizes to customer specifications.

Cows in a pasture with mountains and blue sky in the background
Plastic gear wheel in machine construction

Mechanical engineering

In general mechanical engineering, our pipe bends, pipe branches and pipe couplings are often used in systems for conveying bulk and powder. Our portfolio ranges from standard products to customer-specific dimensions, which we keep in stock.

Pipe bends and welded pipe constructions are also often used as structural components in mechanical engineering.


Silo pipe bends with flanges or pipe couplings as connecting elements are produced according to customer requirements. STORZ Couplings, pipe nipples, pipe couplings with strain relief or silo hoses are also part of our portfolio in the silo sector.

As wear is an increasingly important issue in silo plant construction, we have an extremely interesting alternative to offer in the form of wear-resistant pipe bends.

For temporary storage or handling small quantities, we recommend our containers in static or rollable design.

Silos photographed from bottom to top with blue sky
Woman in chemistry lab with blue gloves and test tube in hand


In addition to pipe systems, the chemical industry also requires numerous hose systems in the field of liquid handling. Suitable safety / non-drip / dry couplings or coated Camlock couplings round off our portfolio here and solve the handling and safety problems of all customers with the right connectors and fittings.


In the pellet or wood chip sector, piped and tubed systems are increasingly being used. We also manufacture customized special parts for this sector according to specifications / drawings. Our pipe bends, pipe connectors, hoses and hose clamps also enable smooth material transport in the pellet sector and ensure a trouble-free heating process.

Pellets in a heap
Plastic water bottles with white lids


We are particularly well represented in the recycling sector with our magnetic separators. Our portfolio ranges from classic grid bar magnets to patented systems and electromagnetic separators.

Our portfolio also includes a large number of pipe fittings and pipe connection elements with large diameters that are suitable for pressure conveying. All of our standard items are suitable for vacuum conveying.

Extraction systems

Our wear-resistant elbows, pipe couplings and metal hoses are used to install central extraction systems in large companies or central chip extraction systems in manufacturing plants.

We take into account all the requirements of the respective system to ensure that the pipe and hose components have a long service life.

Stainless steel pipe system
Stainless steel piping with transparent pneumatic tube sleeve

Pneumatic tube

Our stainless steel pipe bends, manufactured on the latest CNC machines, are used in the pneumatic tube sector to meet fire protection requirements. An extremely low ovality in the back of the bend is important, which enables smooth sleeve transportation. Short leg extensions also facilitate installation in tight spaces, while annealed pipe bends make it easier to cut to size on site.

Tubular chains

For gentle material transport, tube chain conveyor systems are often used in which connected "plates" pull the material through the tube piece by piece. Particularly long / wide pipe couplings have proven their worth in these industries, providing mechanical stability and alignment / centering of the pipe axis. Conveyor pipes and special components round off our portfolio here.

Cut-open pipe with a conveyor chain that conveys coffee beans